Ingredient: baking powder

Fish & Chips

What better way to celebrate than with home-made fish and chips, a perfect treat. I’ll be eating mine in newspaper.

My nana used to make the best fish and chips I was round there every Tuesday after college for her special battered haddock with heaps of chips and ketchup – so British it’s almost unbelievable to think they are an Italian invention.

I’ve made this recipe for two but its easily doubled and don’t forget the mushy peas.

Easy Light Carrot Cake

There’s nothing quite like a homemade cake, especially when it’s edging on guilt free. Packed with Autumn Carrots, dried fruit and low in fat and sugar.
Slightly spiced but as light as a feather – with a piece of carrot cake on top!

Sherry Battered Whelks

This is a Tapas batter recipe I usualy use with mushrooms but it works a treat with whelks too. The batter is light and airy with a little crisp from the vinegar with the bonus of the plump juicy whelk in the middle. Serve with a garlic mayonnaise.