Tasty Trial Tour – all ready to rock and roll

It didn’t take much to convince my hubby to join me on a trial run of Love Norwich Food – Food and Drink Walking Tour.

– – – Going back a couple of months I was sitting there on my really comfy sofa after a busy day of teaching Thai cookery at my cookery school, Lodge Farm Kitchen – – and I thought why don’t they have a food tour in Norwich. I know Norwich isn’t Vietnam with an eclectic fusion of street foods and markets in a busting city, or Barcelona with tapas bars on every corner or even busy ole London.

But Norfolk has got a lot to celebrate and Norwich is the showcase of localism in farming and food production. Like did you know East Anglia sells pasta to the Italians, did you know Colman’s mustard lives and breaths here, we supplied chocolate to the WW1 and WW11 boys and our city centre market is the biggest in England with over 25 food produces just in that one area.

So I picked up my computer did some planning, summoned a website, walked around the city distributing leaflets to independent food retailers and drew up a plan – – drew up a map and got people on board the foodie train.

Which led us to last week trialling it out – – – -the thing i’ve found about other food tours I’ve been on all around the world is you get a lot of history, plenty of walking, not much food knowledge & not much food. So I wanted a foodies dream – I want to fill you up and offer you the knowledge – – if you want to know why you have a soggy bottom, I’ll be happy to tell you. I might even lend you my umbrella. If you want recommendations on restaurants, cafes and local food suppliers – I’m your girl. I can tell my parsley from my coriander and thats not a euphemism.

So – – we walked for 3 miles over 3.5 hours and eat our way through some delicious foods – I don’t want to give too much away because I want to leave you some surprises but the mini Fish n chips were without doubt the best I’ve had EVER. We’ve only got the best hotel in Norwich on board to offer us a local Norfolk bite and it was delicious – fabulous Art Deco building in pure grander. The smooth renaldo ice-cream was lushious and it all went really well with lots of other bites. We have perfected the walk – need to work on the restaurant timings a bit but it all fitted in nicely, with just enough walking to eating and an amazing balance of food goodies.

So book your self on the Norwich Food Walking Tour – – now taking bookings for groups up to 12 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the year. We take bacs paypal, cheque or cash – –

Contact me to book.