Royal Norfolk Show

There is nothing more Norfolk than the Royal Norfolk Show, after all where can you go for the whole day and see combine harvesters, a monster viewing platform, a whole parmesan and the top of a Royal Princes head.

I’ve been enjoying the Norfolk Show since last century, I’ve seen countless Royals visit, worked there, but mainly visited as a honoured Norfolk person who’s really from Suffolk.

There is your gentry, the land owners, the farmers and the peasants – we all wonder the aisles up and down looking for stickers and free pens and if your lucky a tote bag. Sometimes coming away with a chunk of cheese and a sharing bag of crisps.

Im not selling it but its a proper country show – a massive field acres large with a dozen marquis shopping isles, exhibitors from solar to Teslar, from shoe shine to Greek olive oil. A massive food hall selling mainly Norfolk produce, with events and demos, buy a pint of local cider and a scotch egg or buy some truffle mac and cheese and a glass of Norfolk fizz. Its varied as much as the hords of people.

But I am always lured by the food – the food hall, the food tent, the pop up food stands and the endless isles of foodie delights. I remember 20 years ago eating the best and only duck burger I had ever had – i went back 3 times for that delight. Now its the sharing boards at Jarrolds ringside tent with a East Anglian posh pop.

Then there is the entertainment on the main stage you’ll be entertained by a mini Edinburgh Tattoo with uniformed military bands, farming fantasies, parachuting squadies and motorbiking stunt teams. There is also the side shows – the farming excellence in the best cow comps, the fashion shows, the singing and dancing and the helpers in bowler hats. Im confused in to wether im in a bond film or a random edition of Clarkson’s Farm and all laced with a visit from a Royal.

This year Prince William arrived for a few hours, flying probably himself in by helicopter and landing in the college next door. School children went loopy and all’s I saw was the top of his bald head and what a Royal head it was – one day I hope to witness the crown landing on it and another time I hope to see Prince Louis as a young man visit as a stand alone active royal visiting the Norfolk Show.

So if you love Norfolk, love food, love farming and livestock or love equestrian like show jumping, its all aboard the Royal Norfolk show train – at it every year for 2 mid week days in June (Wed and Thursday) – BUT the traffic near by is a nightmare, I shouldn’t say this as a Bawburgh resident but if you want to get in and out quickly go via Bawburgh and hopefully if you get there pre 10am you should get a parking space in Bawburgh Gold Club – then you’ll be out in a jiffy no matter what time you leave, exiting via New Road in to Chapel Break and towards the UEA.

I can’t leave by saying its not a cheap day out at around £30 a ticket, cheaper rates apply if booked early and car parking was an additional £8 a car this year. Or volunteer for the day and work your way 1 cm shorter. Or marry a Royal and get in FREE, I’ve heard Harry will be on the market again soon.

Happy Norfolk Show Day – 2023 / 2024 plus don’t forget we are probably the closest Holiday Barns to the show.