I wanted to share last years Highlights and what i’m looking forward to this year.

I can’t deny i’ve had another epic food year. Ive always spent most of my money on food and I’d rather it be spent locally an independently, which is what i’ve achieved. Its always a pleasure writing about food and helping spread the word of local businesses.

Being a food blogger comes with its highs and of course those include some lows. Im not good with criticism, especially when you throw your whole self in to what you do but luckily that doesn’t come that often and its mainly great feedback. I closed my cookery school last summer to free up more time to pursue more foodie delights and get some chill time in – its all going well, I haven’t regretted it and am still teaching for project work. I guess I’ll always keep my hand in somewhere. Plus my dyslexic brain is full of creative ideas and I’ve just got to pursue some of them.

Here are a few highlights from 2022

  • YALM – food Hall, puts Norwich well ant truly on the FOODIE destination map, we have to be top 5 in the UK now at least. Norwich just gets better and this place is food amazing.
  • Our award wining Market is always expanding – new places include bodega (New York Style Sarnies), Crepe place, ‘Fresh’ has opened up again after covid with a new menu inc burgers, mushy peas got taken over by lucys, sir tobys beers colaberated with cocina mia to have a seating area in the market. Plus Market nights happened. Churros for the people started opening nights it has such a good vibe about it – I love Norwich Market.
  • Best invite and opening was from – ESTABULO down riverside, they treated us all to cocktails, a massive fresher and best salad bar around and all you can eat revolving around meat skewers. Tasty meats and definitely one of the best invites of the year.
  • Disappointing closure – Harrys on Chapelfield / Rabbit hole came and went / Hodson’s deli in Aylsham its always sad to see good places disappear from Norwich Foodie History – i still havnt gotten over Pizza one and Pancake Two.

All New Openings 2022 –  (over 18) Let me know if iv’e missed any.

  1. Boston House 
  2. Cuppie hut and 
  3. Café Club opening 2nd cafes 
  4. JC Pinto 
  5. Doxi – at Alcamista evenings
  6. Castle Mall food hall plus churros and hot choc concessions. 
  7. Bodega
  8. BEST Gyros in Catton
  9. Feed on waterloo park & Bethel St plus 
  10. Social supermarket opened on hall road. 
  11. Jarrold’s extended food hall.
  12. Bread Source 4th or 5th  – on Mag Street 
  13. Slice and Dice upgraded to bigger premises on Benedict’s Street 
  14. Drawing Room – bar (3rd bar from owners in the city)
  15. Antep kitchen – Dereham Road Turkish 
  16. Dyrrah – opened up / extended pizzas in evening 
  17. Cinema City kitchen came back this year. after a long Covid break.
  18. Duck Sifu – Chinese takeover opening on London Street in old fried chicken place. 
  19. FIRE IZAKAYA – Japanese tapas and bar
  20. Jo Jo’s Street For Van. Chapelfield – Cheese Toasties
  21. AVO Burrito – Timber Hill – Burritos
  22. Cafe 193 – Plumstead Road
  23. Prime moved to the old Lock Fyfe – while
  24. The Edith Cavel up stairs became a Fondue Restaurant Called Molton
  25. Thai NORFOLK in garage in Alby  – im sure there is lots more in Norfolk but im sticking to mainly Norwich places.

New to open in 2023 – i can’t wait to try these beauties out.

  • Silhouette – in the old Bouji their 2nd branch, with cocktails and food.
  • Moya – 2nd but sit down plus desserts to come.
  • My Makan – Malaysian – authentic 
  • (Sall’s lokma – moved on to city café and bar – roof top terrace – no name yet.
  • Diamond ? – ST Giles possibly opening soon ?
  • Turkish on tombland in old Pretso’s  – no name yet
  • CHAI – Indian café on Benedict’s Street (daba 15 takeover)
  • Turkish on Colman Road near East ?? – no name yet
  • Cooking Muma – Japanese Fye Bridge
  • A New Indian coming to Castle Social

Top Palaces for ? in 2022 :- 

I’ve decided to share with you my favourite places to eat particular food in the City and beyond. It’s a tough choice as many have close seconds and some change as I try new places or go back and thyme changed.

Burgers – Bun Exchange 

Pizza – Dyrrah

Takeaway – East Chinese

Afternoon Tea – Norfolk Mead (Assembly house if in Norwich)

Fine Dining –  / Treat meal – Brix and Bones

Casual Dining – XO kitchen

Best place on market – Bodega 

Cheap eats – St Stephens church (£2.20 beans on toast)

Best Colab – The yard café and Go Bifanas now Jorges Tapas serve Portuguese style tapas and Natas in their designer open spaced cafe. They also offer a fab brunch too.

Best Breakfast – Olives knows how to make a superb Full English Breakfast, never disappoints.

BEST Brunch – I would have said the Workshop on Earlham Street but it closed for food, So Id say Christophers Crepes did a delicious brunch crepe menu in 2022

Tea and Cake – Sweet Tree Patisserie in Lakenham, i’ve been such a regular i’ve become friends with the owner and baker – I love their Triple layer chocolate fudge cake and they do different teas which always pleases me.

Best Roast – Stoke Mill in Holy Cross filled me with delight, we couldn’t believe 2022 was the first time we tried – it was so so good and brilliant traditional service. In Norwich if you want a fulfilling Sunday Roast without any pomp then Temple Bar hits the spot and serves the most veggies.

Best Foodie Find – is Connaught Kitchen they share their cafe with pop ups offering eating experiences. I’ve been to at least a dozen from Brunch with green eggs and ham, a fine dining taster menu, to a Korean, Vietnamese and a French night with duck leg and chips. It’s simply enchanting.

Well thats it FOLKS 2022 – 2023 it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but Norwich just keeps on evolving and one persons closing is another opportunity for something new. But I hope we get through the other side with not too much collateral damage. And talking of collateral damage i’ve put on 24 x 1kg bags of sugar in the last few years – – so its diet hard for me or I may not even make it to 2024

Zena x