Food Fight – Hilary Clinton V Donald Trump

So who’s going to be the next president of the great USA – a woman or an orange.

If you can’t decide lets see who has the best food, after all you can judge a lot by what people consume.

Hilary Clinton – Brought up in Illinois  / American parentage 

Illinois Food – home of the deep dish pizza, hot dogs, pirogies (stuffed dumplings), donuts, steaks, horseshoe (burger topped with chips and cheese sauce) & Chicago style popcorn ((cheese and caramel mixed) Flip me this sounds very unhealthy fodder!!!!

She refers to her hubby as a Vegan-ish so they both enjoy a healthy lifestyle, eating plenty of fish, her fav humous but she also likes to indulge in the odd burger or steak when he’s not around. On one occasion could be seen munching away at a sticky pork chop on a stick at a county fair. She also enjoys the flavours of India and Mexico. Fascinatingly enough and very admirable she knocks back a hot and spicy chilli everyday and often splatters chilli sauce on to her dinners.


Donald Trump – Brought up in New York / German and Scottish perantage

New York Food – Home of the Manhattan clam chowder, hot dogs, pizzas, bagels, pastrami, corned beef, cheesecake and Italian style ice-cream.

He says he doesn’t indulge in alcohol (but has been seen sipping champers & beer), avoids tea and coffee. Has been known to drink diet coke. Likes the odd cheese burger and fries. Loves cherry vanilla ice-cream and is always eating chocolate ice-creams at the games. Eats at Mc D’s more than any other restaurant often choosing the fillet o fish. Has his steak well done to a crisp. He was also seen eating a sticky pork chop on a stick. Loves bacon and over cooked eggs for breakfast. Basically he loves fast food and eats a lot of meat. Plus it is said he won’t eat food with his hands grabbing a knife and fork to eat al things inc pizza.

We’ll i’ve made up my mind why would I support a Mac-Crap eater rather than a chick who eats whole chillies.