Bawburgh Christmas Fate – Saturday 10th December 2016

My daughter fancied organising a Christmas fate in Bawburgh Village Hall, Stocks Hill, NR9 – so she did.

For some reason I always get put in charge of catering so I’ll be running the cafe with hot and cold food and refreshments, me and my daughter might have different view on food but I might have to do what I’m told after all she’s the boss of this one!

So I thought while I’m volunteering my self for catering again – I might as well have a side stall. For the last week I’ve been making Green Tomato Chutney (£2) with all the end of season vine tomatoes, a few orchard apples and some freshly ground spices. A Boxing day chutney (£2) perfect with the left over cold cuts, cheese and pickles – I make it every year for the guests at Lodge Farm packed full of Christmas flavours like cranberries, figs, dates, apples and spices.

Plus my luscious Christmas Puddings – the original recipe is an American one, but I’ve altered it through the 20 years of making it so its plump, moist and packed full of flavour. This year all the raisins, currants, sultanas and prunes are soaked in Guinness, hazelnut liquor and rum over night – then veggie suet, orange and lemon zest and the usuals  along with spices blend to make a jam packed pudding – I then leave it over night to mature and then steam for a few hours to marry all the flavours together in pure Christmas day perfection.

My bounty is then wrapped in Christmas cheer – 1lb puddings serving 4 = £4.50 / 2lb pud’s serving 8 = £7.50

Come along and see what we have to offer, father crimbo will be handing out a mini prezzie to the kids, tons of stalls, a cafe and more.

Saturday 10th December – 11-3pm

All proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust