The Food & Drink Walking Tour 2016

I’ve just got back home after the last Food and Drink Walking Tour of the year – or that is the last organised group, anyone can book a gang of them on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday throughout the year subject to availability of course.

It was fabulous, had a good bunch of people, enthusiastic, friendly and easy going – so made for a great day.

Thanks for Norwich Provider (David & Steve) who gave us some artisan bread and chilli dip – that went down well and they said they would be back for a loaf or two in the future. One poor fellow omitted to not liking shellfish so the cockles of City Fish didn’t go down to well with him but we tucked in to the meaty Whelks & cockled on.

I went for a cookies and cream macaron  – delicious, you almost want to sit down with the blind fold and some classical music in the back ground with no interruptions so you can ooooozzz in the macaron pleasure of it all.

St Giles made us very welcome as usual, thanks Scott, the Norfolk Muscles were plump and creamy, totally delicious, while seafood man had a venison scotch egg – that looked amazing.

Grahame owner of Louis was at his deli to welcome us in with a taste of sausage roll – yum, If I was a few years younger I would marry Grahame he’s so lovely. Oh, we are both married – oh well

The Grosvenor fried up a fresh batch of mini fish and chips, thanks Christian – totally delicious, delicious doesn’t even do it justice they are divine. Consistently good – – love em.

Charlotte manager of The Mash Ton offered us tons of information about Redwells and Gin, so informative & entertaining while we enjoyed a sneaky ale taster.

A lovely walk in the beautiful October sun over the river past the art college to North where we got served local chicken in a finger licking mustard and honey sauce – that went down well.

Then a longer walk past the Cathedral,  Castle and Dragon hall to Delice for a couple of scoops of Renaldos ice-cream and a coffee served by the lovely Judy owner and inspiration behind Delice, offering up more than just ice-cream in its modern cafe.

Everyone went home happy, exercised and full on local yummies – – – with inspiration and ideas on where to go to next in Norwich food wise and believe me there is plenty to EAT in our fine city.