I love Burgers

I Really Do love Burgers

I’m going to prove it –

  1. I’ve got an American Diner in my home.
  2. I’ve been to America more times than any other country.
  3. If I get a bad burger I cry.
  4. I make fresh burgers for my family every month (or I lose the will to live).
  5. We once had a party where I cooked the biggest Burger in Norwich – it weighed 5lb and was the size of a large paella pan, it was enclosed in a home-made sesame seed bun which took up the whole oven.
  6. If ever a new restaurant opens that specialised in burgers – I’m there.
  7. I know exactly how the best burger should be – I’ll prove that too –

The best burger is made with

  • Good quality mince, it should be 15 – 20% fat, I don’t mind if it’s made with steak mince but it cooks dry so needs added fat, I don’t mind if a little pork is added but only 10-15% of added to steak mince or 5 – 10% if added to regular mince. Only a butcher can produce the best quality tasting mince, which needs to be really red and freshly ground twice once on a big grind and then again on a fine grind – I’m not fussy!
  • The best pattie is seasoned, I add some Colmans mustard and sometimes a little tomato puree – but that’s it – its ok to season the outside with salt – but if you do don’t over salt the pattie mix.
  • Only the best soft burgers are hand moulded or shaped in to a ball and squashed in to shape with a weight – compressing them in a burger machine makes for a hard textured burger.
  • The best way to cook a burger is on a real wood or coal BBQ, alternatively in a hot pan with a small amount of oil – best brushed and not poured. The meat needs to be sealed without prodding before it’s flipped over. Adding salt to the raw pattie means a crisp outer edge.
  • The ice-trick – I add a few cubes of ice to the pan and cover it with a lid, this means it intensifies the heat, cooking the centre quicker but also creates steam, making the meat moist as well – – plus if you add a slice of cheese to the top – it melts it perfectly.
  • Now this may cause some controversy but I like my burger cooked just slightly under done, only just – not ‘mooing’, just a tad pale in the middle, not pink – – of course most restaurant have a policy for over cooking a burger to 70*c for 3 minutes – drying them out more. (Sorry to all you health and safety gurus out there – This is my Perfect Burger, I can take the risk.)
  • The Bun has to be fresh, no sweet American mass produced buns full of sugar and air, no soft bakery sandwich rolls or day old buns – – Artisan brioche is good, sesame seed bakery burger baps are lovely, home-made delicious – but white and fresh is essential. Plus it needs to be big enough to take the pattie – you don’t want an over-hanging burger!
  • Toasted – – you have to lightly toast the middle first – you can either do it under a grill or in the dry pan before you cook the burger. That little crunch of the toasted bread as you bite through is so good and makes all the difference.
  • Mayonnaise and mustard on the bottom half – topped with crisp ice-burg lettuce, then the hot freshly cooked burger, then some red onion rings, followed by a few slices of tasty big boy tomatoes, then you ooze some ketchup on to the top bun and slap it together.
  • Oh, my – – – – enjoy!

My favourite places for Burgers in Norwich –

  • Gonzos – 68 London Street, Norwich. A place like no other that’s not for everyone. Gonzos is named after the American owners dog who owns this dive – it is a dive, but in a really good way – I love it, it oozes rustic charm, madness spills from every nook and cranny. He told me it took days to perfect the perfect pattie – they tried dozens of variations until they hit the jackpot. And that’s why they do the bestest burgers in town – lovely bread, lovely patties, perfectly cooked with home-cut dirty fries or sweet potato ones. A massive plate full of loveliness for around £11-12.
  • Dray yard Smoke House – 31 Exchange Street, Norwich. A proper smoke house with massive top heavy burgers charred to tasty perfection, brioche buns and salad all served with hand cut chips and a selection of yummy homemade sauces like their B.B.Q and chilli as standard on the table – all for £9 or £11 for a double stack. Plus, if you’re lucky you’ll catch the midweek, term time £5 lunch special – usually including a burger and fries. Add some of their scrumptious sides for a few quid and everyone’s happy.
  • Yellows – Carrow Road, NR1, Delia’s Norwich City Football Club American Bar and grill. *Medium-well burgers for around £10 hand formed with hand cut chips.
  • Middleton’s, 11-15 Timber Hill – Hand-made steak burgers with soft brioche bread and nice cut chips. They use a blend of Sirloin, ribeye and rump from their butchers. *Med-Well again so always going to be a tad over cooked and a tad dry (for me) but still real tasty with all that gorgeous meat lightly seasoned, they really do speak for themselves. Go for lunch and enjoy a bargain £9.95 2 course lunch where you’ll enjoy a generous cheese burger and one side and a choice of starters (Love the ribs) or desserts (Love the Tirimisu).
  • Zaks – Mousehold, Gurney Road or Waterside, Barrack Street – Every now and then I just have to have a Zak’s – they use a local supplier for their burgers and buy in their fries but it’s a locals institution. (I used to go to the Yarmouth Zaks, now the Yankee Traveller with different owners – when I was so young I had to have the kid’s meal. Burgers from £10-11 with toppings and fries. There not gourmet burgers, more traditional to quench your hunger.
  • Five Guys, 17-27 Orford Place – A chain but a good en. Burgers from £7 fries between £3-5. So, eat in restaurant prices but fast food delivery and service. Eat in or take away. You get a double pattie and even though the burgers are cooked on a flat griddle to near death they retain moistness and taste – get it with a dozen free extras like fried onions, mushrooms, sauces, salads etc. the buns are soft – making for a lovely juicy filling bite.
  • Pye Bakery and Café – 132 Dereham Road – Burgers aren’t always on the menu but last time I had a compacted meaty, pye bun, blue cheese rich burger for around £6 eat in. It’s mainly a takeaway sandwich & pastry shop with a small diner bench seating area. It’s out of the city but walking distance (10 mins from Toy’s R Us / 20 mins from Chapelfield) – or you can park around the corner for free. Lunch times only and not Sundays.

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By Zena Leech-Calton ©