What One Eats – The Queen

My daughter came home from college with the knowledge of what the Queen eats – fascinating I thought, let me get it in a blog.

I worked with a few chefs originally from the palace, I heard they worked hard, didn’t get paid top wages but were honoured to be part of the household staff. I know they certainly went through rigorous checks, the palace won’t take any old willy nilly!

My previous knowledge existed of the fact that the Queen is by no means a foodie unlike Prince Phillip who loves talking ‘food’. I also knew the queen enjoyed smaller portions and steaks well cooked. Three facts that would certainly put me off dating someone – but she is our Queen and from a different generation so I’ll forgive her.

From articles on line I’ve read – The head chef provides a weekly food planner which she approves, ticks or crosses out.

The Queen usually eats breakfast alone around 9am, as Prince Phillip gets up a tad earlier.

However, she starts the day at 8am being woke up with a pot of Earl Grey tea and a dash of milk (one article said no milk! – that’s afternoon tea – silly!), no sugar along with ‘Marie’ biscuits, I imagine in bed but don’t know for a fact. But factually she reads the papers including the racing post.

She enjoys mainly cereal with fruit, apricots, prunes or macadamia nuts and black Darjeeling tea. Special K is a favourite but occasionally she opts for white toast and marmalade and rarely scrambled eggs with smoked salmon & a dash of truffle especially at Christmas time or occasionally boiled eggs. But they have to be brown – she says they taste better.

Cereals are kept in Tupperware to keep them fresh – cornflakes, weetabix all have royal

Mid-morning, she enjoys a Dubbonet and Gin with a slice over lots of ice. Although one article mentioned this was an evening favourite but she is sure to have it at some point of the day! A very classic sip-able cocktail stirred and not shaken.

Lunch begins the low carb rule – so casual meals omit rice, potatoes or pasta. Fish is a favourite with simple vegetables, wilted spinach and pan-fried courgettes were mentioned. She enjoys dover soul sometimes grilled chicken. Light and refreshing possibly with a glass of wine.

Afternoon tea is served every day at 5pm with finger crust-less sandwiches, with all the usual’s like smoked salmon, cream cheese, ham and mustard, egg mayonnaise – not all at once I wouldn’t of thought. With rich tea biscuits, her favourite, scone and cake. The Queen likes jam pennies – small circles of bread spread with jam. Earl Grey being the tea of preference.

She especially loves a chocolate biscuit cake; I’m assuming Tiffin or better known as fridge cake – that mix of melted chocolate with crushed biscuits. Also served is fruit, honey, ginger and cream sponge cake.

She also has a love for chocolate but is very controlled in what and how much she eats.

Beef, venison, salmon and pheasant all come from Sandringham or Balmoral estate for din dins. She likes a roast with well-done meat.

Desserts may consist of strawberries from Balmoral or peaches from Windsor Castle green houses.

Things are don’t properly too – one doesn’t peel a banana with their bare hands that’s for apes, one uses a knife to open, a knife to chop in to pieces and a fork to eat. I’m feeling an allegedly coming on here!

A glass of champagne is served in the evening, one article mentioned

with Martini.

I also read that bits of cake and toast are fed to the corgis – even thrown on the floor. Ma’am!

Seasonal and organic food are the flavour of the palaces and castles – out of season strawberries are not popular with the queen. She also likes English traditional foods – avoiding too much garlic or onion, mainly because she meets so many people and wouldn’t want smelly breath.

The shining thing that spills out from What one eats, is the Queen is most certainly a food lover, if not a foodie, she eats in season, she eats British, she eats quality, she loves chocolate and enjoys common old fridge cake, she eats 4 meals a day, indulges in a drop of the wicked stuff. Loves good quality tea and has a sweet-ish tooth. She may like her beef over cooked but with the best quality cooked simply it must still taste delicious. She also loves mangos, chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache sponge cake. Plus, she certainly knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, with amazing control all-but a lust for chocolate – admirable.

By Zena Leech-Calton – info from da net (google search – what the Queen eats)