Water Water Everywhere – Norwich Refill Stations

Here are the facts, 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every DAY, that’s 22 billion bottles disposed of last year alone. They take between 450 & 1000 years to completely decompose. That’s me burying one water bottle in my garden and my great, great, great, great, great, great, great still sees it – add another great, in the year 2616 and she may not find it.

A paper bag takes 4 weeks to decompose and we take around 10 years to reduce down to bones! One piece of plastic outlives us like Tutankhamun great grandma.

1,000,000.00 sea birds and 100,000 mammals including dolphins and turtles are killed EVERY year because of plastic waste.

I’m no environmentalist, far from it – but even I find these stats frightening. That’s why I’m fully behind Refill UK – – – –

There’s a new incentive in our fine city lead by Refill UK https://www.refill.org.uk  encouraging business to have a refill station where passes by can pop in to refill their bottle, to reduce plastic waste and to keep us all hydrated.

Refill schemes are happening all over the country – you can download the app from apple or via the link from their web page to get the map of all the places who have signed up (see below) – helping you find your way. Or look for the blue sticker on shop / café fronts.

Launched in Autumn 2017 its well under way with over 1600 refill stations across the UK and rising every day. Lead by Bristol company CIC – City to Sea.

Norwich’s FOOD Refill Station Businesses

Here’s a list of the foodie places who have signed up – take your bottle, cup or vacuum flask and ask for a refill – – there happy to oblige.

Don’t forget to download the app & gather bonus points for your chance to get a free S/S water bottle, or just buy one!

Surrounding the city Centre

  • NNUH Restaurant
  • UEA campus inc. the Sports park & Mustards
  • The Green Grocers – Earlham Road (mini market & café)
  • The Mitre – Earlham Road (Café)
  • Adnam’s – Unthank road (Ale & odds shop)
  • Sanctuary Coffee Shop – Eleanor Road
  • The Café NR1 – Trafalgar Street
  • Bicycle Links – King Street (café & bike shop)
  • No 8 Thorpe Road – opposite the Station (Business & Events Rooms)
  • The Street Café – Magdalene Street
  • Stars Cafeteria & Bar – Epic on Magdalene Street
  • Ancestors Café – Magdalene Street
  • White Lion Pub – Oak Street

City Centre

  • North – Magdalene Street/ Fishergate (Restaurant)
  • The Playhouse Bar – St Greggory’s Street (part of the Theatre)
  • Storm in a Teacup – Elm Hill (Café)
  • The Café Club – Rose Lane
  • Open Venue – Café & Club (venue for youth & events)
  • Kinda Café – Castle Meadow (Vegetarian Café & social events)
  • Saporita – St Andrews Hill (Pizza café)
  • Franks Bar – Bedford Street (Restaurant & Bar)
  • Rumsey Wells – St Andrews Street (Pub & Food)
  • Les Garrigues – St Johns Alley (French café & Deli)
  • The Birdcage – Pottergate (Pub & Venue)
  • The Bicycle shop – St Benedicts Street (Café)
  • Hawthorn – upstairs and Down – St Benedicts Street (Cocktail bar up, bar and some food down)
  • House Café – St Benedicts Street (Café)
  • Stray Cat Café – St Benedicts Street
  • Norwich Arts Centre – St Benedicts Street (Bar & Venue)
  • St Benedicts Food Store – St Benedicts Street (mini market)
  • Tofurei – Pottergte (Vegan Deli)
  • Strangers – Pottergate (Coffee House)
  • Finnies Juice Bar – Lower Goat Lane (Food & juice bar)
  • Moorish Falafel Bar – Lower Goat Lane (Vegetarian Café)
  • The Sir Garnet – Haymarket / off Market (Pub)
  • Bia – on the market (Vegan street food, market stall)
  • White Lion Café – White Lion Street (Charity Café)
  • The Gluten Free Café – Timberhill
  • Cupcakes & Bubbles – Timberhill (Café)
  • The Murderers Pub – Timberhill
  • Castle Mall Management Suite (office)
  • Cleverdicks – Westlegate (Coffee shop)
  • The Greenhouse Trust – Bethel Street (Vegetarian Café)
  • Cupcake and Co – Upper St Giles (Cake shop)
  • The Narthex Café – St John’s the Baptist, Cathedral (café)


By Zena Leech-Calton © www.lovenorwichfood.co.uk