Proper Brownies – Simply Cake Co

When someone contacted Love Norwich Food and asked me to taste test their brownies – I wasn’t going to say no.

I love Brownies, it’s my favourite dessert, it’s the reason I don’t like cake, it’s the goo, it’s the crispy top, it’s the rich chocolatey kick – it’s simply the best dessert known to man (or wemen). Well apart from ice-cream but give me a slab of rich pure chocolate brownie and a generous scoop of rum and raisin ice-cream and I’m yours. In fact, one of my most indulgent ‘food porn’ memories were me and my hubby eating freshly homemade brownies and a massive tub of Hagen Das in bed in my cheffy London days. It doesn’t get any dirtier than that – – you need nothing more in life.

So, when the weekend came and a box got delivered I was over joyed – – 1 layer of freshly made brownies, chocolate orange, peanut butter, raspberry blondie and more and 1 layer of rocky roads – – I love them too, but not quite as much.

On a level of how much I like Brownies, which is 100, rocky road comes just under banana mousse, Eton mess and Tiramisu.

I felt it my duty to give these brownies and rocky’s a good old taste – which I did over 3 days. Of, course I let my family have some but not before I’d had a sample of each and every one of the 16 squares of deliciousness.

Being a brownie aficionado I was please to find out that Susanna Lemon (yes, a perfect name for a baker) from Simply Cakes Co in Norfolk makes her brownies with real butter, free range eggs and good Belgium chocolate which certainly reflects in the taste. After all, if you want to make the best brownies you have to use the best ingredients. And because the ingredients are so good, they last a good few days – unlike boring old cake!

Ms Lemon (I think I’m going to call her that!) was an X graduate before giving it all up for her passion – to bake the best brownies around. Family’s and friends taste tested and the Simply Cake Co Brownie was born –

She told me one thing I’ve been harping on for years (the chocolate cake senario*), she was disappointed in the lack-luster brownies, the brownies that were really cake, the brownies made with cocoa, the brownies with no goo-factor – – – yes, people do these vile things.

I hate when you order *brownie (and I order a lot) and you get a piece of chocolate cake NOOOOOOOOOO – it’s not a bloomin brownie, it’s a bloomin cake, a bloomin travesty an injustice of the baking world! A proper brownie has to be made with butter and melted chocolate – – – unless its simply not a brownie.


I’m a bit of a purist with brownies – you can offer me all the flavours in the world but I’ll always go back to just good brownies pure and unadulterated. That’s why I eat the chocolate chip one all to myself for breakfast, flicking the white choc chips of the top to george on the gooey stuff and get that chocolate kick you can only get from good brownie. All though having said that the chocolate Orange turned out to be my favourite and I’m always a sucker for salted caramel, moist and sweet but not too sweet – – it’s hard to balance the too sweet and too salty compounds but these were right in the middle. And even though blondies aren’t quite as good as brownies the raspberry one was extremely tangy and tasty. I must admit I don’t like blondies they tend to need some sort of juicing up so the fruit one hit the mark but the plain one didn’t do it for me. Im a brownie girl.

Of, course like me you can have these beauties freshly made and delivered to your door –

Prices start from £11.50 for your pick of 6 brownies or rocky roads.

I forgot to tell you about the rocky road covered in cornflakes – that was my favourite, all chocolaty, crunchy and firm but still bite-able. I hate it when rocky roads are so hard they break your teeth, or so soft they crumble, or worst still made of cheap chocolate that leaves a greasy after taste in your mouth – these are just perfect.


by Zena Leech-Calton ©

My sort of waver  – I wouldn’t recommend a product unless I truly liked it. All opinions are mine and mine alone – I haven’t been paid but I did get them sent to me for free.
 ‘Trust me I’m a chef’  – Here I’ll prove it – – – Mc D is crap – all of it, Aldi sold me tough lamb steaks last week, Sainsbury’s take too much fat off their diced beef, Asda’s pork aint that great, a local cake maker makes cakes way ahead of events = stale – – see I might not always name but I won’t praise.
p.s – I blooming hate it when restaurants call Chocolate cake a Brownie – – have I mentioned that!