Basically a Bace

You know how it happens in Norfolk, some one knows someone who knows something. That’s how I met Susy from ‘Bace’ foods. My good friend Rachel who had a sausage company, got introduced to Susy who had a sauce company, who got introduced to me who has a cookery school.

I could tell Susy was a big foodie, we talked about how we both cooked fresh purees for our children when they were weening and offered them a rainbow of flavours and textures.

I was telling her how my well-fed little children had turned in to junk fuelled teens. I’m hoping it’s just a rebellion, that will ween away without the need for war!!!

Anyway, Susy wanted to make a product using the best of local ingredients inspired from feeding healthy stuff to little ones, a family friendly instant vegetable, bean & lentil sauce base which was ready to use.

This sauce base was in the making for three years & 3 months ago ‘Bace’ was launched. It’s now sold in farm shops, delis, local markets and trade fayres.


And yesterday, I got to taste it – – I say its basically a base, but its far more than that

There’s three products to choose from


  • The Yellow one, Peas with Perks – made with a lovely aromatic blend of British peas, sweet potatoes, carrots and lentils. It offers mild Indian flavours which I imagine work perfectly with Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. Or for that taste of the exotic.


  • The Red one, Beans with benefits is made with Haricot beans, tomatoes, red pepper, sweet potato and lentil. Equally tasty with a Tex-Mex feel, perfect with chillis, cheese or Mediterranean flavours like simply spaghetti.


  • The Green one, Peas with perks – But I think it should be peas with pop, because the peas melt in your mouth with texture bursting flavour and oozy smoothness with the odd little pop of loveliness. The British classic that is mushy peas, but more like VIP – very important peas. Perfect just heated with a splodge of mint jelly for a healthy nutritious snack or perfect blended in to European and British classics.


The pots sell for between £3- £3.50 each, 380g making the perfect size for 2 if served simply on toast or Jackets or 4 – 5 portions if blended in to dishes like chilli, bolognaise, burritos, stews and cassoulets – – but recipe ideas are endless.


There a kind of cheat – boosting flavours in dishes, making recipes easier. Increasing the health-ability and making life generally easier.

But is not to be confused with a bog standard supermarket packet sauce made in a factory, used making cheap imported ingredients and boosted with salt, flavour enhances & additives. Bace is home-made by Susy using the best of local ingredients creating something FRESH and truly tasty.


I guess originally, they were aimed at children, boosting nutritional content, raising the 5 a day and making meal times more convenient. But there more than that – there is endless dishes you can add them too.


Which is where I come in – I’ve been asked to come up with some recipe ideas. Last night I tapped away at the computer and came up with 10 ideas for each pot – from Pea fritters with Vegan Aoli, to Easy Peasy Shakshuka. From Gypsy Toast with Perks to Chimichangers.


So, if you see them about – grab a pot and get easy cooking. They keep for several weeks un-opened, 3 days opened or they freeze for 3 months.

You can microwave them ready, there thick enough to spoon or use them as a base sauce.

There naturally local, naturally healthy and naturally vegan – – so work with an array of additions from scallops with the green one to Venison Sausages with the Red one.


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By Zena Leech-Calton ©