Norfolk’s Very Own Lakenham Creamery Since 1921

Whenever I’m coerced on to a committee I’malways in charge of the catering –so when over a decade ago I was organising the ice-cream for St Christopher’sschool summer fate, I taste tested a local ice-cream (not in existence any more) – – it tasted like a horrible mass-produced product from a factory shop and I didn’tlike it at all.

BUT being ever so slightly stupid, or Dyslexic as I like to call it, I had mixed that supplier up with Aldous which is made in Lakenham, Norwich.

So, for years I wrongly avoided it.

How wrong I was –there I was at a trade fayre and I tasted the most scrumptious Fig & Mascarpone ice-cream there ever was, only to realise after a chat with the boys that this ice-cream was something else altogether.

No mass-produced ice-cream here or food enhancers, no fake flavours and watery crystals. This was the proper stuff –

I feel I need to make amends for my mix up but most of all I could kick myself for ignoring Lakenham creamery for a decade missing out on the smooth creamy flavours.

Another thing to confuse a Dyslexic is having more than one name, which also didn’thelp –Lakenham creamery is not only their premises but also their brand whom make Norfolk Country Ice-Cream their high-end ice-cream made with 80% cream, then there’sthe Aldous ice-cream made traditionally with creamy milk since the very beginning. On top of that they also make a diabetic range under another name too.


So – – – just so I don’t get mixed up again

Lakenham Creamery

Norfolk County Ice-Cream

Aldous and

Eileen’s Diabetic Ice-Cream

Are all the same local ice-cream business making quality Ice-cream at its best.


Lakenham creamy has been family run since 1921 – – that’san impressive 97 years.

I love an ice-cream party – – 3 years times going to be something very special to celebrate (hint, hint).


Now you know it must be good ice-cream when Harrods had it on their shelves, it’s now sold in Sandringham, the Forum, Waitrose, Co-op, stall 8 on Norwich Market, along with numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs from Norfolk to London – – so I’m imagining some pretty impressive people have had a good lick, including possibly the Queen!?! No wonder they have won over 100 awards. (120 and rising)


There’s also one technical ice-cream problem which I don’talways find with these beauty’sand that’sscoop-ability. Of course, it’snot a soft scoop with whipped up nothing, but it spoons without (Uri Geller) bending the spoon straight from the freezer in no time at all, yet it still retains the quality –how do they do that?


Some of the Amazing 28 Flavours of Norfolk Country Ice-Cream

& of course, there’sthe usualoneslike Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate –

But my top three flavours are –

  • Zabaglione (OMG – Orgasmic, Mine & Gorgeous)
  • Gooseberry and Elderflower (award winner)
  • Chocolate Orange (so, so good)

Other popular taste test favourites include:

  • Passion Fruit (there was a big buzz at the tasting for this one)
  • Salted Peanut Butter (award winner)
  • Jamaican Run & Raisin – – one of my all-time fav flavours
  • New York Coffee (perfect in a milkshake)
  • Mango Alphonso (only the best tasting mangos)
  • Spiced orange & cranberry (perfect for crimbo!)
  • Vanilla & Black Cherry (imagine this with freshly baked Bakewell Tart – PHEEWIE)
  • Coconut & Cream (with a dessert desiccated coconut taste)


Aldous Ice-creamis known as the retro or heritage brand, first introduced on Norwich Market, way back when –  selling up to 3000 scoops on a busy Saturday,.

It’s good stuff with plenty of child friendly flavours.

As well as the usual’s Flavours:

  • Raspberry Ripple
  • Rum & Raisin
  • Toffee Fudge
  • Honeycombe
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rocky Road
  • Bubble-gum
  • Plus a few more and some

Plus, they also make ‘Eileen’s Diabetic Ice-Cream, sold at the Creamery shop. (info to follow when Mr Lakenham e mails me with some info, hint, hint)

Plus, if you want a taste test Stall 8 on Norwich Market is part of my Food and Drink Norwich Walking Tour – –


Lakenham Creamery

Contact details

01603 620970

***2 Trafalgar Street, NR13HN

You can also buy ice-cream from their Creamery shop***

off Hall Road, parking in front!

Mon Fri 8am 4.30pm

Sat 10-12 noon

By Zena Leech-Calton ©