Cocktails to GO GO

So, since lockdown amazing Norfolk businesses have found a way to make a bit of money – one such product on offer is Cocktails. And who doesn’t like a cocktail in the sun. 

I got to try some this weekend – 

Here’s a list of all the Cocktails on offer for home delivery in Norwich / Norfolk.

Arboretum –Offering Local Delivery and National packaged cocktails with a little sweetie treat. From £20 for 3 drinks.

Cocktail Canaries – Delivery big bottles of ready to go Cocktails all over Norfolk. From £20 for 6 drinkies – From Pornstar Martinis to Mango Margarita – We tried the lovely fruity Strawberry Daiquiri.  – Bottle return £1.

Tipsy Jar– Offering readymade cocktails and garnish, all ready to shake over the ice they supply – Shake-it fresh all in the JAR –  you could even pop in a straw and enjoy! 

We tried Daiquiri which my hubby loved for its sour sharp tones and I loved the Bramble for its punchy fruity notes. I like the quirkiness of the Jar, its big like a cocktail shaker and gives you that home experience and a certain amount of cocktail making pleasure, with no bother.

£12 per bottle/ jar serves 2. No minimum spend and £2.50 per order delivery charge. Expertly blended by an experienced mixologist with many years in the industry. They also offer an Espresso Martini using local coffee, 7 cocktails to choose from. 

Delivery to NR1-NR7 more postcodes to come – give them a call?!.

The Globe Trotters Bars– offer bottles of cocktails – We tried the Gin Collins, smooth and fruity with a supplied garnish of lemon and mint and a can of lemonade to mix. 

Delivery over Norfolk on a Thursday to Sunday. 

1 litre £20 (Bottle) with garnish. Choose from 10 flavours including a Cosmo, an Irish Gold, a Pina Colada and a Unicorn.

Door Eighteen– The boys from the bar of the same name and the gin Academy next door are brining you bottles of cocktail like their most popular blend the Pineapple Express. (My Fav too) Prices from £19-24 for a bottle. 4 cocktails to choose from like their house Negroni. All 4 for the reduced rate of £75. order online for nationwide delivery.

Jive Kitchen– Offering 5-mile delivery radius, free if £40 spent or £5. (Offering Taco kits too) Cocktail pouches with Mexican flavour like the Classic Margaritta (also in Hibiscus flavour), Mezcalita and the berry sour £5-6

Talking about cocktails–  this Friday we have a Live Social run by Norfolk Food Bloggers, we’ve managed to bag 3 cocktail makers to give us a cocktail demo – Cocktail Canaries, Greg from Arboretum and Tipsy Jar. So, follow the code on my or NFB posts to meet us at 7pm this Friday 22ndMay on Zoom – – for a Social Cocktail Party– shake along or just come along for some social viewing. 

And when all this social distancing and lockdown is under control we can enjoy the very fine cocktail joints of Norwich – 

I love a Pineapple Express in Door Eighteen served in a  glass pineapple and a Coffee Cocktail served in a copper mug in Gonzos.

By Zena Leech-Calton ©

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