Secret Menu Norwich

This June there is 35 secret menu off menu dishes across Norwich – off course I would have liked more cafes, restaurants and bars taking part but ‘due to covid’ !

I tried some amazing ones –

A Brunch at Street Cafe on Mag St – a Waffle breakfast with maple syrup, double hash, scrambled eggs and vine toms.

The best was from Danomy Kitchen at The Stanley NR3 – a magnificent beast of a Mutton Bagel, with Naga wings and a mango lassi shot.

Then there was / is the Cheesy Pig from Sweet Tree Patisserie – a freshly made crepe filled with bacon, double cheese and spinach.

And not to mention the Wallow put on a Pea Hummus with chargrilled bread – again delicious.

A month ago I photoed the Charcoal any topping pizza from Fire House – Italian in house chef made and super tasty, especially with my choice of goats cheese, spinach and olives.

Only one week to go as a write and another year of Secret Menu over – I’m not sure if i’ll ever host it again – its a lot of chasing up, being ignored, more chasing up and lots of arranging. My dream is – I imagine it getting bigger and better every year, that would be great but you have to rely on 40 – 50 places putting something amazing on and everyone getting involved with the social media. Foodies embracing it – by supporting it and me doing my ting. Maybe – possibly – oneway – who knows.

Anyway when I was out the other day someone at the next table was ordering the Secret Menu and they had come all the way from Lowestoft, my home town – to enjoy the off menu dish – thats what I’m talking about – that level of dedication.

Zena – all for the love of Norfolk FOOD