Lunch Life of a Bruncher in Norfolk

Ive been really lucky to have had some amazing varied food lately and all in the name of Brunch.

Brunch is a late morning meal eaten instead of Breakfast and Lunch – sounds perfect to me.

In no particular order

The Danomey – pop-up at The Stanley NR3

Offer weekend Brunch from 10am – 2pm – they do a full British breakfast with brick lane bagel but I had an amazing breakfast DA bagel dripping with maple and chilli sauce and packed with crispy bacon, egg, spinach and oozie cheese and YES it was delicious.

They do everything right and flavour is always on point. They go to extremes like drive up to London every Friday to get fresh bagels for the weekend.

Dishes £10-14

Trents Table at Connought Kitchen NR2

Brad who is the chef behind Tenets table offers occasional Sunday Brunch at the Connought café, just out of the city in the Golden Triangle NR2.

When you hear Green eggs and Ham it makes y foodie heart sing – slow cooked tender mustard sweet ham hock, with runny fried eggs and green salsa sauce a joy to eat. We also shared a Crab Benedict on soft pillowie brioch bread.

Dishes £6 – 12

Workshop Earlham Road

Is my favourite little rustic café, they do good food of sharing Mediterranean and middle eastern flavours. And offer Brunch from 10-1pm at the weekends – this is an amazing Mezze style feast for £15 pp – You get your choice of tea or coffee, I went for fresh mint tea. Plus, a jug of orange juice – then you get choices we went for everything as there was 3 of us.

Humus with seeds or yogurt with nuts and honey, Vegan chickpeas, halloumi and eggs or sucuk Turkish sauce and eggs, plus falafel or feta and spinach pie plus salad, a generous amount of zahtar flat bread and some fresh fruits with dates.

I can’t express how special it is.

Erics Pizza – unlimited weekend Brunch in Thornham, North Norfolk

This is £20 for non-alcoholic and £25 which includes the cocktail of the week ours was Apple Mojitos, prosecco and bloody Marys all unlimited.

Then its round one and two – First up was the cold antipasti –

A generous sharing board of Burrata with plum tomatoes, chargilled peppers, smoked fish with boiled soft eggs and curried sauce and bresola and figs plus bread and the best pesto ive ever tasted.

Then on to the hots after a drinkie or two – seasonal roasted pumpkin with ricotta and zahtar, meatballs, anchovies on chimichurri and maple crispy bacon with poached runny eggs and pizza sauce with a pizza dough to dip.

The menu will change through the season and is really more Mediterranean middle eastern based.

All very filling and generous.

So there are my top 4 which I’ve been to all of them in the last month and hopefully ill discover others on my foodie journeys.