Mystery Guest Review’s Norfolk & Suffolk

I’m only putting this on here because I can’t work out how to add a new page to my website, so in the meantime I thought I’d copy it on to a blog.

My new this month idea for Love Norwich Food is to get more involved with restaurant reviews by offering me and my hubby up for secret guest diner feedback. I’ve been doing it for the Mystery diner company for a few years and in the past I’ve been involved with reviews in London as well as being a trained assessor and auditor for Leith’s Catering  – so thought it another good foody thing to be involved in.

My cookery course learners often say to me that I must be very critical when I eat out – I kind of am, but I also love to get fed. It’s a bit like a hairdresser looking critical at a bad hair cut but not saying anything or thinking I’d love to sort that mop out. So although I’m enjoying being fed I’m also secretly working out their takings, their over heads and improvements I’d like to suggest as well as thinking about all the good things they are doing, while crowd watching and earwigging other peoples feed back – I just can’t help myself. I guess with over 30 years in catering, parents who owned a restaurant and cafe and being completely obsessed by all things food – I would. And for me thats part of the enjoyment in going out – – thats my catering management training kicking in – organising staff in my head, reshuffling the set up and adjusting the menu – improving and revealing in the good stuff.

It also stems from friends and family friends opening food places and wanting me to go in for a quick check out – after all, its in my East Anglian Nature to want people to do well, to promote localism, to see people thrive and places do well and sometimes it’s those little things that can make or break a place, the prices, the ingredients they use, the flow system – the toilets!

So here’s my Mystery Guest Review Info if you fancy a professional opinion at a very affordable set up price – – –

I Spy

I’m now offering a mystery diner, guest stay, pub or food shop visit experience for local Norfolk and Suffolk businesses with a full report and assessment.

If your a food business owner and are looking for a local professional experienced foodie to secretly guest review your place simply contact me to get the ball rolling.

‘While the cats away, the mice will play’

Prices range from only £30 plus expenses for a secret visit and full comprehensive report with photo reviewing service, standard of foods, staff performance, cleanliness, signage, toilets and more along with recommendations and sugestions.

‘New business, need some peace of mind or simply some suggestions’

My Credentials 

I’ve been in catering for over 30 years starting at Norwich City College hotel school then from chef to manager with the last 15 years working as a cookery tutor branching out to food blogging, food & recipe writer, mystery diner reviews, food and drink walking tours, catering for pop up events, event management, demo chef and more with a good seasoning of food history, Asian foods, Nutrition and more – – my love of food is everything. Plus on top of all things food I run Lodge Farm Holiday Barns, Lodge Farm kitchen and Love Norwich food with past experience in Hotel management.

‘want to know a balanced view by a silent customer’

How it Works 

Contact me – Zena at Love Norwich Food – Contact form  – to book your review.

Review price paid up front via bank transfer or paypal  – – review under taken within an agreed time scale.

Review posted with receipts to be paid, along with the review invoice. I’ll also be available if anything comes up that needs discussing.

Costs & Prices (starting prices for 2017)

Norwich Restaurants = £50 plus food & drink *receipts for 2.

Norfolk & Suffolk Restaurants = £65 – 70 plus food & drink *receipts for 2.

Norwich Cafes = £40 plus food & drink receipts for 2 .

Norfolk & Suffolk Cafes = £55-60 plus food & drink receipts for 2 .

Norwich Shops and Retail units = £30 with up to £10 in receipts.

Norfolk & Suffolk within 30 miles of Norwich only –  Shops and Retail units = £45 with up to £10 in receipts.

Norwich Pubs and Bars = £30 plus up to £25 in receipts.

Norfolk & Suffolk within 30 miles of Norwich only – Pubs and Bars = £45 plus up to £25 in receipts.

Norwich Hotels & B&B’s = Stay & Breakfast review. £80 plus stay costs for 2. (additional £40 for restaurant review if applicable plus receipts as above.)

Norfolk & Suffolk Hotels & B&B’s = Stay, breakfast and meal review – £135 plus stay costs including breakfast for 2

All subject to my availability. 

*Please note all receipts are from your establishment, paid by me via my business credit card and are charged back to you via the invoice after the visit.