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I was wondering if all the lunch time special meal deals are popping up because there is so much competition out there or Norwich’s Food scene is ultracompetitive and following trends – which-ever one, it’s great for us the general public.

It really does make a different to luring us in – I think most of us like a bargain but when mixed with quality and affordability it’s all too much to resist & let’s face it if we feel we have been treated we want to treat our selves more, meaning more business more often and more delicious reasonably priced food for us.

And in no particular order – here are some of Norwich’s finest lunch time meal deals & takeaways.


*Prices may change or vary – – all correct at time of writing blogging!

  1. The Alleyole – for a limited time are offering ¼ chicken, a touch of salad and bravos potatoes for £4 take away. Plus menu standard is ¼ chicken bravos or salad for £6 eat in.
  1. Middleton’s – Eat in £7.45 1 course, £9.95 2 and £10.95 for 3 courses – I recommend the ribs, steak and Tiramisu.
  1. Donnelli’s Pizzeria – Eat in £6 small pizza and a drink or £7 to include a glass of wine or beer.
  1. Saporita (Panino & Pizza) – 3A St Andrews Hill – Eat in or take-away. This is not a genuine special but its so cheap its worth a mention – Pizza slice margaritta £2.20 – capricciosa£3.50 a large thick slice.
  1. Zaks – small Burger or Hotdog with a hot or cold drink (choices on special lunch menu) for £6.95 at both Norwich restaurants.
  1. Flaming Ghalah – Bonza deal inc. any pie, mash, mushy peas and gravy with a soft drink – eat in or take-away for a mere £4.95.
  1. Moorish – Moorish pitta falafel and a home-made fresh still lemonade or mint tea for £5.50 out or £6.60 in – all day meal deal. Loyalty Card get 5 get a free drink, get 10 get 1 moorish free.
  1. Nanna Mexican – Student Mondays = £5 burrito & soft drink / Taco Tuesdays £5 tacos & soft drink / present deal every Tuesday and Sunday £6.50 = burritos, soft drink, chips n salsa. Loyalty card – get 10 get 1 free.
  1. Dray-Yard Smoke House – Term time mid-week lunch special for an amazing £5 choice of 5 – 6 smaller mains.
  1. Woolf and Bird – A portion of chicken strips chips, side and sauce for £6.50 takeaway or eat in.
  1. Puff & Bean – Norwich Market – A selected Sandwich and coffee for an incredible £2.50
  1. Farmyard – 2 courses for £15
  1. Warwick St Social – (Just out of the city) 2 course lunch for £12

Norwich market is incredible for food now – some people would jear at such an idea of eating al fresco in England’s biggest outdoor market – lent against a stall – but it’s a bucket list must to do & if you don’t your just missing out.

Foodies are setting up incredible food stalls, selling a whole array of freshly prepared and cooked wonders – it’s like street food- Norwich style. So if your taking away, leaning to chomp or sitting down in one of the few places that have a small seating area – –  you really will be surprised at the variety, diversity and quality of the food there.


  • Puff and Bean offer freshly cooked Russian Honey Cake, chocolate nemesis and choux buns filled to order with cream – plus seating for toasties and the like.
  • Lasagneria – offers 5 – 6 freshly cooked lasagna’s of the day including the classic and a great selection of vegetarian versions from £3.95.
  • Falafel & Friends offer 3 – 4 different falafel based wraps packed with flavour from £3.50, plus an exciting range of Asian fruit juices.
  • Bia Vegan mix it up with American diner classics, executed to vegan perfection, today I saw BLT and a Philly Sandwich around £4-5 plus they offer exciting sides like Mexican rice for £2 & guacamole at £1.
  • Sicilian Market – do incredibly tasty pizzas, Calzoni for £3 and Aranchini for £2 – plus lunch meals. All made fresh in the oven – right in front of your eyes.
  • Lucys Chips and Dips – – fresh chips on the market, why wouldn’t you indulge, British chips are just so good.
  • Norwich Providore – the fresh artisan baking stall creates some doughy masterpieces, including cakes and bakes – everyone as delicious as the last.
  • The Mushy Pea Stall – don’t forget the pies, splash on some mint sauce – – heaven. I went to an authentic pie and mash shop in the East End recently – this beats that hands down.
  • The Gluten Free Café – a massive tasty array of gluten free goodies.
  • Plus Plus Plus – – – a hot dog sausage stall, a carvery hog roast stall, jacket potatoes, a Chinese, fish and chips, plus tons of little café stalls selling everything from toasties and tea to local burgers in baps to bacon butties.
  • Not to forget Brick Pizza – a restaurant to the side of the market selling divine pizzas with amazing home-made dough and the tastiest tomato sauce with an array of toppings to delight. They also offer take away slices at lunch time.


While you’re there pick up some quality meat from one of the 3 local butchers shops, you can get rabbit, venison, duck eggs and all the usually. Pickering offer locally made exciting sausages. The Orient Express offer Asian goods – try the udon noodles, ready to fry at 50p a packet. Gorge on organic veggies, or stock up from one of the two fruit and vegetable stalls at the front – – local strawbs, asparagus and apples are always on offer when in season. Daren from Red Rooster has a stall selling great coffee and I mean great coffee. Spice it up with the spice stall sold by the gram. Plus, City fish at the front offer freshly caught North sea fish and shellfish – – grab a lobster, pickled whelks, a pint of shrimp, dressed crab, plump scallops or a fish to slap round your face – – – – Norwich market is culinary excellence and certainly not to be ignored.

In fact there are so many food stalls – I can’t even remember them all – –

Go on give it a go – – – – why go to fast food chains when you can dine out with freshness for around £5 and support local businesses who really care about the food they are serving.


By Zena Leech-Calton ©

for my food tours, cookery classes and food blogs.