Featuring ‘The One Food Company’ in Norfolk

Ben is one of the chefs at the Station Smoke House in Hoverton who decided last year to set up ‘The One Food Company’ as a side project. It’s a family business with Bens wife Sharon helping out with the logistics and packaging. While their boys 5 & 7 help out with the taste testing as well as scrumpy-ing away fresh fruit, veggies and herbs in the garden.

There’s three sides to his catering business one is his BBQ inspired sauce, a delicious ‘Smoked Beetroot and Chilli ketchup’ called The One. (See stockist below) It’s a thick umptious sauce full of robust fragrantly smokey flavour with a deep purple colour, a slightly beetroot tone with a gentle kick. It can be used as a marinade or basting sauce for barbeques. Did I say it’s the perfect consistency to dip too – NO, well it is – like really good thick ketchup. Buy it for around £4 – 4.50 per bottle. 

The ‘Proper Pizza company’ have also been known to offer this very sauce as a pizza base with other Norfolk ingredients making up the topping – look out for ‘The Norfolk Pizza’.

Then there is his monthly meal club, home delivery meal deals in Norwich. Since starting late last year (2018) Ben has regular customers, but hopes to build up his clients and branch out the delivery’s to other suburbs of Norwich on different weeks.

I tried his zingy Slow Cooked Middle Eastern chicken with Harissa & Orange, a delicious refreshing salad of orange, walnut, cucumber and olive. Plus, a side of Spiced Chickpeas and Honeyed Parsnip which were gorgeous. I even got a side of carrot fritters which worked perfectly with his purple sauce. Everything was packed with amazing Middle Eastern flavours, not too spicy but with a subtle exotic spice spike. All dishes worked gloriously together but also by themselves too – – – –  a great balance.

Every month Ben offers up a different meal deal to delight, coming up is a Japanese inspired Miso & Mirin glazed Chicken and a Smoked Brisket Curry all with accompany sides to match. Working in the Smoke House as a chef along with having a passion for Middle Eastern & Asian Spices makes for an exciting menu with a whiff of smoke, which is sure to delight the taste buds. 

Meal deals work out to £18 – 22 per meal for two. Which is a lot cheaper than eating out, not much more than buying all the ingredients yourself and on a par with a crappy large pizza. Plus, you ain’t got no cooking, shopping and clearing up to do. You could even say you cooked it yourself and impress someone special on date night!!!

Ben sometimes offers add on’s like Panko Camembert balls with Indian seeds, Mexican dippers or buttermilk brisket bites – to name a few for around £6 (enough for 2 to snack on). And sometimes The One Food Company will run a poll to see what the customers fancy.

The third and final string to Bens catering bow (not included his work as a Chef) is small function catering by the way of events, office meals, party’s etc., when anyone fancy’s say up to 15 or so meals the by way of hot and cold buffets – he’ll cook, deliver and present. 

So, if you fancy a Chef to caterer for your ‘do’ – give Ben a call.

Of if you fancy a meal deal every now and then – give Ben a call.

Or if you fancy some of that luscious Smoked Beetroot & Chilli Sauce, see below (don’t give Ben a call!!!).

Sauce Stockists 

Green Grocers – Earlham Road

Farm to Fork – Coltishall

Café no 33 – Norwich

The Cheeseman – Norwich Market

The Station Smoke House –  Hoverton

Archers Butchers – Plumstead, Norwich

All things Nice – Cawston

The One company’s Contacts –

Contact Ben on – 07590 561919

By Zena Leech-Calton ©

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