Sushi School

Sushi School

I’m a cookery tutor who specialises in Asian. I’ve been asked several times over e mails if I’m Thai, mainly by men with some glimmer of hope. But I’m not Asian in any form other than holding the passion to teach exciting flavours, completely un-English food which it topped with neither custard nor gravy but maybe a flourish of something obscure. 

To eat exotic flavours bursting with zing and zang (no, that’s not the puppets from The Big Breakfast). Asian offers lightness, healthiness, punchy flavours, amazing smells, texture and presentation. 

A pork chop with cabbage simply doesn’t do the same to the taste buds as a Penang Curry with Coconut Rice with a pickle or two on the side – that’s the perfect balance Asian dishes offer.

Ok I know I’m British and I was brought up with meat and 2 veg but that’s why I love Asian food – – it’s the opposite of what I used to eat as a child and although sometimes I love comfort food, it’s never quite as exciting. The smell of overcooked steamed cauliflower from my granny’s kitchen and the smell of pak choi being tossed in sesame, hoi sin and honey isn’t comparable. 

So, as well as teaching Asian cuisine, I eat it, travel it and if someone just happened to offer me a gifted Sushi making workshop I’m THERE – 

The thing with food is it’s a never-ending knowledge – you can never learn it all. If you’re a cab driver it might take you a few years but eventually you know every single road, every single short cut and every single traffic light. But with FOOD it’s a continual learning circle – infinity and beyond. So, us chefs and cookery tutors love cookery courses, watching cookery shows and traveling to eat – – – if a chef says his favourite food is a Maccy D – – – RUN!!! 

Ciscoes is a well-established (since 2014) Pan Asian restaurant on Ber Street offering` the very best Sushi in Norwich as well as other Japanese and Asian inspired dishes. But if you love sushi and wanted a treat above all sushi treats you could share a £42 Sushi platter (‘Art on a Plate’ or the ‘Sushi Fanatics Platter’) – – it not only looks amazing it tastes amazing too and it’s all topped off with a soft-shell crab – exquisite, visually sensational, tasty and smell-licious. 

Plus, NHS, Norwich City Council, students & approved businesses get 10% off certain mid-week days (see website for full details). And you’ll find Ciscoes in Spree Norwich – 2 for 1 mid-week.

Cisco is the owner and head chef previously from Shiki’s – with a vast knowledge of all things sushi with a charm to teach too. Ciscoe’s is short for Francisco, as in Mr Francisco ‘Cisco (for short)’ Papica. He’s originally from the Philippines working his way up from kitchen porter to cheffing all over the world, ending up in Norwich as a Sushi chef. Cisco fancied owning his own restaurant sharing his passion for not only Sushi but other Asian cuisines like Korean, Thai & Vietnamese too. He loves using local ingredients like sourcing his veggies from Norfolk, the fish is delivered fresh from Scotland a couple of times a week and he even has some local Gins on the menu.

They pride themselves on inclusivity – offerings Vegan, vegetarian, & gluten free options as well as making sure they cater to your needs and likes – look out for a colab there doing this summer with River Green Vegetarian, Thorpe.

They also offer 4 Sushi workshops a year (see below for upcoming dates), just short of 2 hours on a Sunday at David Lloyds health club Norwich (use to be Virgin, next to the old skating ring). You sit on a conference type table set up in the restaurant area, with all you need in front of you  – ingredient’s, equipment like a take home rolling mat and a shot glass!!!

Ingredients include some sticky seasoned sushi rice, some fresher than fresh fish and some other odds including wasabi and ginger.

We started the class with a shot of the best Saki I’ve ever drunk – I must admit I always have it for cooking but have never paid more than £15 for bottle. I guess, you get what you pay for just like good wine. 

Ciscoe went on to demonstrate – Futomaki, then Uramaki which is the rice on the outside variety. Then some Nigiri topped with gorgeous fresh sliced salmon and then a surprise one (I can’t tell you everything). 

Then we got our chance to make them – – – of course mine were perfect – Cisco said!!!

Then it was time to taste around 20 pieces of sushi or take home. A good dollop of pickled ginger and a splodge of hot bright vivid green wasabi to top it off.

A fun, informal, tasty, educational, practical hands on activity – perfect with a friend or perfect as a date night plus you get a take-away.

The next Sushi school is on Sunday 8thSeptember, then Sunday 8thDecember 2019 – Tickets are £55 per person or £100 for 2.

Contacts – –

Ciscoe’s Pan Asian & Sushi

25 Ber St, Norwich, NR1 3EU
01603 633553
Opening Times –
Mon – Fri:
12:00 – 15:00 & 17:30 – 22:00
Sat – Sun:
12:00-15:00 & 17:30 – 22:00
See their website or social media for the sushi School.
Awarded the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor – – – you see I don’t promote anything other than amazing.
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