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My Baby - - - 

Love Norwich Food

I’m an accidental blogger. I started my culinary journey 30 years ago – so although I may be the most experienced foodie blogger in Norwich, I’m quite possibly the oldest (cheers!!!).

Anyway, if you’ve been on Love Norwich Food before you’ll know my story – Chef, Cookery Tutor, decided to do Food and Drink Walking Tours in Norwich, got a website, set up a twitter & Instagram account and ended up here. 

I had an Instagram account for over a year before I did anything with it

for some reason, there was a picture of a cake on it, it wasn’t even my cake, I have no idea how that cake ended up on my feed. 

I concentrated with twitter but it was May 2017 that I fathomed Instagram out and started posting stuff – I even worked out how to get rid of that bloody cake picture.

I have a few rules – 

  • It’s all about the food, local and independent (unless I’m traveling to eat). 
  • Mix it up with quirky, humorous stuff to break up the monotony of this is my dinner!
  • I like to tell a story – – it’s important to give information, so people have clarity.
  • I’ll try not to over post and keep my stories to less than 5 (or it turns in to a home movie!)
  • It’s called Instagram – I post instantly or when I’m waiting for the bill. (I’ve got a lovely Olympus I use for my food photography & recipe writing – – but I save those for magazines)
  • No baggage – I’m not trying to be a critic, I don’t want to bruise. But at the same time, I want to be honest – so if I visit somewhere I really don’t rate, I just don’t mention it. I won’t promote if I don’t believe in it – I want to be trusted and honest.

So why if I’m a food blogger am I writing a blog about other food bloggers? Some would say that’s my competition! – but I don’t give a Jammy Tart!!!

I’m all about helping, sharing & spreading the Love of Norwich Food and beyond – I’m not in it for me or a media company, I’m in it for my passion with catering in my blood. This is my hobby, I earn my pay from my other 2 businesses (Cookery School & Holiday Barns). 

My website is funded from my cookery school and hopefully some sponsors in the future to pay for hosting, hence I offer the directory, events and blogs for free, mystery dining for a meal and promos on products for the product – independently.

I love to promote what’s good – I only wish it was around in my London Cheffy days.

Let’s see the facts – – – 

  • There are over 500 cafes, restaurants and bars in Norwich. 
  • Trip Advisor has 65 pages of restaurants in Norfolk, 
  • 1943 places to be precise. 
  • There are 130k people living in Norwich with over 

      850k in Norfolk. 

  • We get 3 million holiday visitors a year and over 

      40 million day visitors. 

There’s plenty to go around – – – 

Love Norwich Food

Website – www.lovenorwichfood.co.uk

Instagram – (6k) https://www.instagram.com/love_norwich_food/?hl=en

Facebook – (2.5k) https://www.facebook.com/zena.leechcaltonhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1060204530685160/

Twitter – (3.2k) https://twitter.com/FoodNorwich


The Fry Up Police

Probably the most followed GENUIN local foodie blogger. 

In fact, his blogging about greasy old fry ups lead him to create his own catering company. He gives some lovely ripe old feedback on people’s breakfast images. I’ve read eggs that look like saggy testicles and plates that should simply be binned, he hates pots of baked beans and hashtags – Keep It Greasy.

Tom (FUP -Boss) told me Norwich is the Worlds capital for great breakfasts, nowhere comes close. Thats one of the reasons he’s created his Street food Stall, slinging out ‘BUFFINS’ thats basically a Breakfast Muffin on steroids to you and me. He also offers banquet style Post Wedding Breakfasts. Plus if we are talking keep it local, Tom used Archers for his sausage and bacon needs – saying Archers Sausages are simply the best. 

(see contacts below for booking enquiries)

His favourite places to eat in Norwich are Olives for Breakfast and Gonzos for all else. 

The Fry Up Police 

Website – http://www.thefryuppolice.co.uk  / Tel:07944753769

Instagram – (67.4k) https://www.instagram.com/fryuppolice/?hl=en

Facebook – (107k) https://www.facebook.com/fryuppolice/

Twitter – (15k) https://twitter.com/fryuppolice


Tick – Merchandise Available 


Fry Up Inspector

A proper blogger on the block – Mr Inspector started commenting on breakfast posts on facebook back in 2010. He then decided to seek out the best places to eat breakfasts in Norwich and beyond. For him it wasn’t just about the food, it was the whole package, the service, value for money, environment and ingredient quality. 

Over the next 9 years he had reviewed a staggering 450 places with a big chunk of them in Norwich. 

Fry-ups graded 8.5 out of ten or above got a recommended window sticker – you can still see them all over Norwich.

Earlier this year Mr Fry up Inspector decided to blog about his other edible passion ‘Street Food’ along with his Japanese holiday adventures. 

His highlights include being featured on the BBC, Buzz Feed, Esquire and the Metro. He’s also done a short film for Norfolk on Film.

Interestingly enough he often skips breakfast, enjoying his Fry-ups towards lunch time. I don’t think the Brunch Up Inspector, had the same ring.

His favourite Norwich restaurants are Figbar, Olives, Xo Kitchen, Shiki and the Street Café. 

The Fry up Inspector

Website – https://fryupsgoodornot.blogspot.com

Instagram – (10.4k) https://twitter.com/fryupinspector

Facebook – (11k) https://www.facebook.com/TheFryUpInspector 

Twitter – (3k) https://twitter.com/fryupinspector


Miss Holly P

Holly started a few years ago as a bit of a hobby after being asked to blog about an event she was working on, Holly works for Mac Cosmetics in Jarrolds. It started off with more lifestyle and after losing 5 stone it also became about healthy eating. 

Miss P is a massive Asian fan, so you get a bit of home cooking along with local eat out, lifestyle and travel. She’s slowly working her way round Michelin star restaurants.

She blogs for Norwich Bloggers covering their food blogging needs and also does a good measure of Video blogging for her stories. She says Food is literally Love, happiness and art.

Her favourite places to eat in Norwich are Roger Hickmans, Jive, Shiki’s, Pono and Wanfo Pavillian. 

Miss Holly P

Website – www.misshollyp.com

Instagram – (4k) https://www.instagram.com/misshollyp/?hl=en


The Delicate Diner

Samantha lives in Norfolk and is the editor for her own award-winning Arabian Horse Magazine. She began her first blog in 2012 after being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, Samantha was already intolerant to a few other things including dairy this lead her to change her personal Instagram account to The Delicate diner.  

You may have seen Samantha in Master chef earlier in the year, which has led on to cookery demos and pop ups. Samantha also gives some of her time to Norfolk Food and Drink now – Proudly Norfolk, along with Gluten Freedom. 

She says, ‘I think that our county has one on the best food scenes in the country, and we all need to be celebrating it a lot more’. 

Her favourite places to eat are Figbar, Benedicts and Franks Bar, but she also loves a Zaks burger at Mousehold. (don’t we all!)

The Delicate Diner

Website – http://thedelicatediner.com

Instagram – (1+k) https://www.instagram.com/thedelicatediner/?hl=en

Facebook – (880) https://www.facebook.com/thedelicatediner/

Twitter – (1k) https://twitter.com/DelicateDiner


The Mindful Cook

Josie’s is also known as ‘The Mindful Cook’ a food and eating coach with an online course called the ‘Mind, Healthy Body Programme’, but also runs well-being retreats in Norfolk 4 – 5 times a year. 

She left her corporate job in 2016 and soon ended up as the host & cook at a wellbeing retreat in Norfolk. Gaining experience in menu planning and cooking healthy recipes. Josie gained a diploma in Eating Psychology a year later and began studying Applied Nutrition, soon after The Mindful Cook was launched.

Josie’s favourite restaurant is Benedict’s, The Tipsy Vegan & Wild Thyme.

The Mindful Cook

Website – www.themindfulcook.co.uk

Instagram – (5+k) https://www.instagram.com/themindfulcook.co.uk/?hl=en

Facebook – (800)  https://www.facebook.com/themindfulcook

Twitter – (200) https://twitter.com/themindfulcook


Norwich In My Tummy

Tori’s day job is a bank manager in Norwich. She loves the social element of eating out.

It was when she realised she was posting too many images of food on her personal account that she started ‘Cocktails and Cakes’, that eventually became ‘Norwich_inmytummy’ because that covered everything she eat.

She was surprised when her followers grew, it even turned out that some acquaintances followed her account and didn’t know it was her. 

Tori’s boyfriend does most of the cooking, but when there out they love Café 33, especially for pancakes and Sunday morning breakfast at The Street Café. Heydon tearooms for afternoon tea. The wine Cellar for anytime and Coral Bay on the market for a takeaway lunch.

Norwich in my Tummy 

Instagram – (1+k) https://www.instagram.com/norwich_inmytummy/?hl=en



Meg was born in Norfolk and after a stint at uni, followed by working in London, she settled back here. Three years ago, she started up a recruitment agency around the same time as her ‘No Mean Feast’ blog, was launched offering restaurant reviews. 

Meg fell in love with eating out in London but when she moved back here she noticed the food scene had really changed for the better with so many London-esque places to enjoy all over Norfolk.

She does a lot of cooking at home, cooking from recipes, trying all sorts and in the process driving her boyfriend mad with endless recipe books everywhere.

Her favourite Norwich restaurants are Benedict’s and Figbar, saying they do better desserts than a lot of Michelin stared places. 

No Mean Feast

Website – https://www.facebook.com/nomeanfeast/

Instagram – (7+k) https://www.instagram.com/nomeanfeast/?hl=en

Facebook – (175) https://www.facebook.com/nomeanfeast/

Twitter – (975) https://twitter.com/nomeanfeast


Muddy Norfolk

Helen is the editor of Muddy Stilettos an online magazine launched in April 2018. She has a background in journalism, TV and PR.  The Muddy ‘little black book’ is her endorsements of the very best of what Norfolk has to offer. The readers love the food recommendations which means Muddy Stilettos is duty bound to deliver, putting on a stone in the process.

Her Norwich and beyond restaurant reviews are comprehensive with the lowdown, the vibe, the scoff & quaff, out and about and ‘who’s it good for’ along with the prices. 

Helen’s a keen cook & baker her three children proclaim her Carrot Cupcakes are the best in the world. 

Helens favourite Norwich restaurants are St Benedict’s, Benoli’s, Farmyard and Figbar. 

Muddy Norfolk

Website – https://norfolk.muddystilettos.co.uk

Instagram – (5.2k) https://www.instagram.com/muddynorfolk/?hl=en

Facebook – (2.2k) https://www.facebook.com/muddynorfolk/

Twitter – (2k) https://twitter.com/muddynorfolk?lang=en


Norwich Foodies

The Norwich Foodies are an anonymous couple who blog about the fresh foods they cook at home and about the independent food scene in Norwich and beyond.

They once were featured on a Japanese TV show promoting the foodie scene in Norfolk.

For a treat, they love Bishops, for a casual lunch their favourite market stall is Bun Box and their regular haunt is the Belgium Monk.

Norwich Foodies

Instagram – (3+k) https://www.instagram.com/norwichfoodies/?hl=en

Facebook – (100) https://www.facebook.com/NorwichFoodies/

Twitter – (689) https://twitter.com/NorwichFoodies


Norfolk Noms

Colin is a Lawyer by day (Hatch Brenner) and also has the Instagram account @Dancing_Daddyo where he features his photography. Noms started out of frustration, he wanted a food blog with quality pictures and content, unlike a few others he followed. So, he set up Noms last Christmas with one rule that he only uses a phone photo on rare occasions. 

His passion is all about good food, he says he’s not a frustrated professional cook stuck in the wrong profession, but an enthusiastic amateur with a zeal for cooking and baking, shared through the fine folk of Norwich via instagram. His account is all about the food he cooks at home and the food he eats out with great imagery. 

Colin’s favourite Noms out in Norwich are Benedict’s, Macaron & More, Figbar, Bread Source and Norwich Market.

Norfolk Noms

Instagram – (1+k) https://www.instagram.com/Norfolk_Noms/?hl=en


Ickle Gluttony

Food blogging runs in the family, her sister is a well-known one in Manchester (@elsaeats). So, with her passion for eating out and recommending restaurants it was inevitable she would set up her own Instagram food account.

Ava has lived in Norwich for 7 years and works as a Senior NHS Doctor, she’s a keen baker and loves anything sweet as long as it’s not liquorish. 

She loves eating out and doesn’t mind dining solo and if its good she’ll post it. 

Plus, she adds posts from her London trips, she lived there for 10 years and still has a passion for the London food scene, but raves about the Norfolk’s one especially the independent restaurants and cafes. 

As well as eating Ava is a body builder and describes herself as a pocket-sized foodie, a good way to burn of those Norwich calories.

Her favourite places to eat in Norwich are Figbar, Café 33, Benedicts, Soyokaze and Shikis. 

Ickle Gluttony

Instagram – (100+) https://www.instagram.com/icklegluttony/?hl=en


The Norfolk Food Hunter

Featuring one of the new kids on the block – David and Grace love food. They have busy jobs in the oil & gas sector so to unwind they spend quality time together, they love discovering new places to eat. They became the go to couple for recommendations from friends so decided to set up this account and show case all food thats good around Norfolk.

Their favourite Norwich restaurants are Gonzos for their amazing burgers (especially the home cut fries), Mambo Jambo with friends and Benedict’s for celebration meals. 

The Norfolk Food Hunters

Instagram – (100) – keep em growing https://www.instagram.com/thenorfolkfoodhunter/?hl=en


Since writing this Me, Fry Up and Miss Holly P have formed @Norfolk_Food_Bloggers with the hashtag #NorfolkFoodBloggers – to bring all the genuine food bloggers together in Norfolk under one umbrella – so we can support each other, learn and grow plus we’ll be available for any promotional events, advice or influencing – assuming its Norfolk N Good! (added 15th Oct 2019)

Of course, there’s a few more out there big ones small ones, international ones, some secret,  some abandoned and Some mixing the food scene with their personal accounts.

But one things for sure – – it’s a thing, it’s getting a big thing and at the end of the day it’s up to the masses on social Media to follow the content they want to see, social media is endless and only getting bigger.

From the great words of Buzz – “to infinity and beyond” 


By Zena Leech-Calton ©