Promo – ‘Bakerdays’ Personalised Delivered Letterbox Cakes

Nothing like a Free Gifted Cake – especially when its cute and branded with Love Norwich Food.

Bakerdays are a company who make fresh small cakes which get snuggly packaged and sent out all over the UK. But whats best is they personalise them. Choose from your own log, picture or phrase, alternatively choose one of their designs. I went for my company logo and loved it – 

Choose from Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon of fruit cake – I went for a fruity one and it didn’t disappoint. The icing was lovely, and liberally stuck with sweet jam covering a fruity moist well flavoured cake. Delicious – – plus they say they last fresh and moist for a good few days.

The cakes are the perfect size for one or two – – and so snuggly packed they fit through your door. Plus you can set you preferred day of delivery. 

7″ delivered, personalised cake £35.99

Company Details – – – 

Call 01623 867160  / /