Lockdown, Wight Gain and Supporting Local

I admit it I’ve neglected the website blogs for some serious blogging action on Instagram, my main home and address. 

In fact, I’ve neglected everything – I’m like a ghost ship of a mind drifting in a state of covid mindfulness. The worry that you are going to get it and the worry that someone you know will get it and the even bigger worry that if someone you know does get it will they die. Then the loss of business – we have been lucky with the holiday barns taking on reduced rate short term rentals, while the cookery school and food and drink walking tours have disappeared. But also, the worry about local businesses the state of the economy, the state of the world and nearly as important the state of my hips – Jesus Christ I’ve put on 2 stone in lockdowns.

None of my cloths fit, I’ve split my p’J’s, my stomach feels like an appendage and I’m unhealthier than a overweight old ladies spoilt fat cat who’s also on her last legs. 

Lockdown 2 was rectifying the mistakes of lockdown 1 – 10 mins of Pilates` in the evening and a bike ride mid-afternoon to see Fred the village horse – lockdown 3 – is about trying to lose weight by going in to a 5:2 plus one and reducing the fast to 8 hours a day, no carbs and plant based – its only day three and I think I’m winning – we will see!!!!

Like I gave up Soaps 3 decades ago (that’s the tv kind not actual soap – silly) I gave up fast food chains 2 decades ago and this decade I’ve given up chain restaurants – only going in to use up the odd Tesco voucher. It’s all about supporting local to me – I’m not all –  in I still do supermarket shops but make the rest up with local wine merchant delivery’s (husband not me, I’m in to tea!), local coffee bean suppliers, I buy my tea from either 1 of 2 loose tea shops and have gained a new-found fondness for farm shops – as well as my hubby buying raw milk on a Saturday morning straight from the farm. Oh my God that’s good on your weekend cereal – heaven in a bowl.

But when it comes to actual meals, when I’m not cooking a lovely local independent takeaway hits the spot every time – lockdown 1 saw us as a family take it in turns to choose the Saturday night takeaway. With me choosing the midweek treat by way of delivery boxes or meal kits. Then lockdown 2 we opted for a bigger affaire often having a lunch and an early evening takeaway – maybe a tad smaller though, especially when you are doubling up. 

Isn’t it getting boring though – relentless boredom, lack of motivation and a hunger to eat left overs in-between stuffing far too many calories in to my orifice. (the top one – silly) Plus the endless scrolling on Netflix – to find something you would never normally watch to take up 2 hours of your life which you will never get back just so you could watch a film about – – sorry can’t remember. 

We’ll that’s it – we did it all in one and two and three just calls for care and attention to something or other. 

Happy New Year – may we all get injected sooner than later so we can all be 80% safer, but only 80% safer while isolating at home with a prime series and those left over Roses you found under the table – with all the chocolates that no one wanted – like that green triangle and that one filled with coconut, that tastes like a Bounty’s poor cousin. 

Keep well and keep sain

Zena x