Course: Main Course

Venison Pie

I am seeing venison more and more on the shelves, Norwich market nearly always stocks it and farm shops often have a stock in their freezers. It’s a similar price to beef and cheaper cuts offer tender, quality and rich tasty dishes making it perfect for old fashioned pies and casseroles.

Fish & Chips

What better way to celebrate than with home-made fish and chips, a perfect treat. I’ll be eating mine in newspaper.

My nana used to make the best fish and chips I was round there every Tuesday after college for her special battered haddock with heaps of chips and ketchup – so British it’s almost unbelievable to think they are an Italian invention.

I’ve made this recipe for two but its easily doubled and don’t forget the mushy peas.

Whole Roasted Herby Chicken

Roast chicken has got to be one of the finest comfort foods around, the house smells amazing, you are drawn to the oven to peek inside and the sizzle makes your mouth water. As well as enjoying roast chicken on the occasional Sunday I also like it mid-week with salad, pickles and a few warm Jerusalem Artichokes tossed in olive oil and garlic. Herby chicken is a perfect family dinner you could even cook some diced potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips in the tin around the chicken for a complete meal.

Slow Cooked Belly of Pork – on a bed of vegetables in it’s own sauce

My mum used to make me this dish when we came home from London for the weekend after an exhausting week working as a chef. We would walk in and the whole house would smell divine and boy did we have a treat ahead of us – tender slow cooked belly of pork that fell off the bone, covered with tons of the crispiest crackling, all casseroled on a bed of good old English root vegetables, oozing with flavour and all bathed in sauce from heaven. This dish takes less than 15 minutes to prepare but 6 hours of slow cooking in the oven, giving you time to build up an appetite.
Buy half a whole pork belly on the bone, a Two kilo piece cost me £6.20, making the total dish price £2 per person. Harvey’s sell organic, Hazels will get it in for you if not in stock and most local butchers will sell locally reared pork. Ask the butcher to cut the fat of the pork in one piece but keep for making the crackling.