Ingredient: butter

Baked Cheesecake

A refreshing baked cheesecake, perfect warm and even nicer cold the next day. Left overs can be frozen. I make mine with a mix of lemon and lime but you can use simply vanilla extract (1 teaspoon) or any citrus fruit alone or mixed.
Make it your own – this is a basic recipe which will work with all sorts like mocca coffee.

Witches Fingers – Halloween Biscuits

These are the perfect spooky treat to cook with the children this Halloween and they taste delicious. For an extra scare –  serve them with a blood red dip, try some strawberry puree sweetened with a little honey.
But of course they are tasty too –

Flipping Jack Tiffin

What could be better than fussing my two favourite sweet treat bars together – Flap Jack & Tiffin. Here’s my flippin’ good recipe – perfect for picnics, pack-up’s and Scooby snacks.

Venison Pie

I am seeing venison more and more on the shelves, Norwich market nearly always stocks it and farm shops often have a stock in their freezers. It’s a similar price to beef and cheaper cuts offer tender, quality and rich tasty dishes making it perfect for old fashioned pies and casseroles.

Apple, Fig and Toffee Pudding

It’s a celebration of English apples, Gressing hall celebrate and so do I with this delicious indulgent apple based baked pudding with sticky figs and lashings of sweet gooey toffee oozing all over the top – not-calorie free but who cares once in a while.

Christmas Cake

Boozie ole Christmas cake full of seasonal cheer. Although better made earlier so the alcohol can seep in and mature, its still not to late to make this one. My husband has his with a slice of cheese, a Northern tradition but I like mine just as it is with a nice cup of tea on Christmas eve when the children have gone to bed and Santas mince pie is waiting on the mantle.

Whole Roasted Herby Chicken

Roast chicken has got to be one of the finest comfort foods around, the house smells amazing, you are drawn to the oven to peek inside and the sizzle makes your mouth water. As well as enjoying roast chicken on the occasional Sunday I also like it mid-week with salad, pickles and a few warm Jerusalem Artichokes tossed in olive oil and garlic. Herby chicken is a perfect family dinner you could even cook some diced potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips in the tin around the chicken for a complete meal.

Mushroom and Blue Cheese Pate

Mushrooms and cheese just love each other, but blue cheese and mushrooms make the perfect couple.
My family all mushroom forage this time of year but you have to know what your looking for and with hundreds of varieties growing in England it’s easy to get confused, there are over 60 poisonous ones with several deadly – within minutes and of course mushrooms can change appearance from one day to another.
So an organized mushroom forage is recommended.
Ted Elliss in Surlingham and the Whitlingham broad both do mushroom hunts. But you can find hundreds of mushrooms growing in all the woods across this region, but don’t pick any and take a good book – a mushroom one of course!
In this recipe I cook half of the blue cheese and then crumble in the rest so you get the two delicious tastes of melted and raw blue cheese, blended with rich mushrooms, garlic and cream. An addictive taste, especially served with warm toast!