Archangel Gin

We are continuing a venerable monastic tradition of brewing and distilling with a mixture of work and prayer, ‘Ora et labora ’ that stretches back well over a thousand years and during the working day we observe the monastic hours of Lauds and Vespers. Norfolk is a county where the Church has deep roots. The gothic arches, hammer beam rooves and soaring towers bear witness to a spectacular past when Norfolk was one of the richest counties in England, both economically and spiritually. The landscape remains dominated by these beautiful monuments to faith and the Archangel Distillery is just a hundred yards or so from St Peter’s, Dunton.
Even our spirits are finished with Walsingham Water, helping us to create a truly ‘heavenly gin’.

Archangel is a rich, complex gin bursting with exciting flavours. On the nose, the juniper, some of which is locally grown, floods through; the verbena and orange peel add a light, zesty fragrance to the top notes with rooty botanicals including sea-buckthorn breaking through at the finish. The gin is full bodied, deliciously smooth, and mixes gloriously with tonic. When used in cocktails it adds great  sophistication and depth. Served cold, straight from the freezer, with just a curl of orange zest it makes a truly remarkable digestif after a sumptuous dinner.
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