Figbar is a modern meeting place, where pre-theatre pick-me-ups shine and first dates don’t have to end.
It’s a place to eat, drink, and socialize after that relaxing sigh with the first bite of exactly
what you’ve been craving.  We aim to amplify your sweet tooth and bring dessert into focus.

Sample EDP24 article - (read more under linkedin tag below)  There is also a strong selection of local teas and coffees, cakes, croissants, savories such as a chorizo pork pie, and the restaurant has applied for an alcohol licence. “The whole point of this was to bring desserts into focus,” explained Mr Garbutt. “If you go out in the city for a meal, to the theatre or the cinema, you might not want the night to end.“Unless you go to the pub there’s a lack of places you can go later in the evening and have anything like a snack or a dessert that’s not in a traditional pub setting. “Hopefully people will embrace this kind of way of eating.” They also hope to catch the pre-theatre crowd, and will open through the day as a meet-up spot for people. Mr Garbutt said everything on site would be made by him - from the bread to the ice cream, the pork pies to the cakes.

  • 23 St John Maddermarket, Norwich, NR2 1DP

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