Gonzo’s Tea Room

Trip Advisor 2016

Take away food at restaurant quality 
Not only is this place the only bar to hit on a weekend but it's also the only place to order takeaway food, yes you may think it's pricey as it's being delivered but it's a top quality menu, wings burgers fries chicken burgers, cola soaked bacon you get the idea, ordered twice and both times been fantastic, arrived in good time and piping hot by a young lady on a bike.. Perfect, can't wait to order again, or even pop in on a weekend. Can't sing it's praises enough.
Love Norwich food - Zena's Review - - I love this place, its rough and rustic but so individual and cool - the burgers are the best in Norwich the many flavoured chicken wings are to die for and their cocktails are made with love. They do a mean breakfast too -
  • 68 London Street, Norwich