Sisserou Rum & Coconut Cream Liqueur

Sisserou is a delicious blend of rum coconut and cream. It is ideal as a long drink on its own over ice, fantastic in rum, vodka or coffee liqueur cocktails. Sisserou Rum & Coconut Liqueur makes a great gift. Enjoy Sisserou at your Summer barbecues or in Winter in front of an open fire.

Sisserou Rum & Coconut Cream Liqueur was created by Julia La Ronde. The business idea was born while at University in America.
Julia’s mom used to send her bottles of her homemade coconut rum punch in every care package. After seeing how much her friends loved the drink she thought it was a great idea for a business.
The initial launch of Sisserou was in 1999. After appearing on BBC’s ‘Dragons Den’ in 2007, Sisserou was then rebranded towards the end of 2015.

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