St Elvan Mead – Norfolk Amber Honey Mead

Norfolk answer to Sherry - they brew to 17% proof. A medium dry old fashioned traditional mead perfect for sipping after dinner.

Call them direct for sales, fairs and supplies. Sorry no other information.

Around £15 a bottle.


What is mead?

Mead is fermented honey. True mead involves the fermentation of the sugars in the honey to make alcohol (Mead is NOT honey wine and should not contain grape). Mead can be sweet or dry depending on how much of the starting sugar is converted to alcohol. Norfolk Amber Mead is usually medium sweet.

How we brew our mead.

Our mead has to be as natural and pure as the honey we use. For this reason we use no sulphites or any other chemicals in the brewing process. Only honey, water and yeast. Each honey type will produce a different tasting mead, depending on where the bees have been foraging for nectar.

Protect our bees.

Bees are amazing creatures, under threat from pesticides used in the countryside and from Varoa mites. Norfolk Amber Mead purchases local honey helping to support apiaries in Norfolk which in turn supports the bee population. Each bottle of Norfolk Amber Mead you purchase helps sustain the bee population.


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