Secret Menu Norfolk - - - Launching January 2010

I'm getting to gather with dozens of your favourite place to eat and drink all over this fine county to bring you something new and exciting. Each business taking part will be offering an 'OFF MENU' dish - Ill be telling you what that dish is, a brief description and the price (below). All you have to do is quote 'SECRET MENU NORFOLK' to get it and of course only people in the know with know!!!
Advertising from Mid November - Off menu items available from January to March 2020
- with new ones being added, kept and swapped all year.
This is a FREE Promotion for foodie businesses - - there is 52 already signed up, wouldn't it be good to get to 100 - - drop me a line to take part.
Window stickers - will be available from December 2019 (at cost)

Latest Press - - - - https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/secret-menu-norfolk-launching-autumn-2019-1-6306185

Keep an eye out for the list of all the businesses taking part – – from Mid November 2019

List of places 2

List of places 3

See more details over on instagram -
Love Norwich Food or Secret Menu Norfolk

Looking for Norfolk Food Businesses

Fancy offering a Secret Menu / Off Menu item - - something special to lure foodies in, either an original dish, or something bigger for the same price, or a fusion wonder of dishes you already have, a cocktail or a special drink - a meal deal or something experimental.
You choose - (I'm happy to help) - you say when its on offer
(i.e. just evenings, mid week - all the time!)
You set a good price - - we need to make it tempting.
Let me know your dish or item by Mid November
And i'll do all the advertising, press launch, media drive and social media stories and mentions.
- Be ready for a January Launch by making sure its always available and all your staff know.

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Secret Menu - Coming Soon