The Fresh Herb Salt Company


In 2002 The Fresh Herb Salt Company was formed when the owners returned from living in Italy. At the end of each summer season, they observed how the local villagers would gather up various combinations of herbs from their gardens and mix them in salt to preserve their natural freshness and aroma for use during the winter months.

Inspired by the simplicity and resourcefulness of this idea, The Fresh Herb Salt Company created their own unique recipe and produced their first Herb Salt - the Original Italian - a combination of Rosemary, Basil, Sage, Garlic & Bay. The transformative power of this simple seasoning captured the tastebuds of renowned food professionals, most notably Suffolk based farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty, whereby the Original Italian was presented by Jamie Oliver on the opening of Jimmy’s farm shop. The acclaimed success of the Original Italian inspired the owners to continue creating new ways to inject the taste of Italy into simple, everyday dishes. As a result, a further two products have been added to the family.

Our mission is to provide customers with a constant supply of fresh herbs for all their culinary needs. Our harmoniously combined fresh herbs are preserved in English Organic approved Sea Salt, making our products completely natural with no additives or preservatives - just pure goodness to enhance your foods' natural taste. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality staple product which we are sure you will enjoy for years to come.

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