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Argentine Asado (barbecue) Catering, for weddings, functions, corporate events, dinner parties and festivals around Norfolk & Suffolk
We specialise in Asado catering, and cook on our traditional style Argentine grills, which will not only wow your guests, but produce great tasting food, while creating a little theatre.​
 Argentina is famous for their quality beef, and have perfected the art of cooking it.  They like to cook low and slow, over a wood fire, resulting in truly flavoursome meats. Our butcher uses local quality meats, providing us with those cuts true to Argentina, such as ribeye beef on the bone, beef ribs, offal (if you're game), along with speciality cuts of pork and chicken, and the very flavoursome Argentine chorizo sausages.  These cuts provide the essential ingredient to a successful Asado experience.  To accompany the meats, we also serve traditional chimichurri sauce, South American salads, vegetables cooked on the coals and breads. 
If you're looking to throw an unforgettable event, offering your guests mouthwatering food, then an Asado by All Fired Up is the way to go!
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