Goulash House

"We're so happy to be opening the first Hungarian restaurant in Norwich.Hungary has always been well known for its dishes, and we're here to offer everyone a piece of it. We also have many, many years of experience with customers.Other than the Hungarian meals, we also offer Italian and other European tastes to our lovely customers, we guarantee you'll love it, and that you won't be disappointed!"

Hungarian cuisine is a blend of ancient Asian components mixed with Germanic, Italian, and Slavic elements.

An important part of Hungarian dishes is meat (mainly poultry, pork and beef), with a large amount of dishes cooked over an open fire – just think of goulash, stew or the soup. In the 15th century King Matthias introduced new ingredients and spices like garlic and onions (essential ingredients in Hungarian dishes of today.

In Later times an influx of travellers (including Saxons, Armenians, Turks Italians, Jews and Serbs) brought a large variety of their own recipes, and many elements were adopted to form what is today known as Hungarian cuiusine.

Today Hungarian cuisine still shows a regional variety - in the Northern parts of the Great Plain our most famous dish (Goulash) was developed by the local herdsmen. Don't compare the Hungarian goulash to other kinds of goulash you might have eaten elsewhere, by the way – the original one is a rich and spicy soup, best made out of the meat of the Hungarian Grey cattle.

Goulash House is open 7 days a week, from 11.00am 'till 9pm

We do not serve alcohol, but we do have a free of charge BYOB policy.

  • 01603 928375
  • 31 St Stephens Road, Norwich, NR1 3SP, UK